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100 Lynn St Spruce Pine, NC. 28777 (919) 929-2048

Uilleann Pipe Reeds and Repairs

Reeds are a problem. If you have a good one then you are lucky indeed. If not then
your quest for a good reed is not dissimilar to the quest for the Golden Fleece.
You can spend many months and lots of bucks trying to get that good reed. I hear
many tales of families being destroyed, children starving and mothers in agony all
because of the demon reed. 

Another problem is that pipe makers hate to make reeds. This is also true of
other reed instrument makers such as oboe or bassoon. Reeds are just a pain,
requiring time, and a good bit of detailed skill. Instrument makers would
rather be making instruments. For the oboe and the bassoon there are
professional reed makers who do nothing but make and supply reeds.

With this said situation in mind I have decided to try and make reeds for
a more reasonable price. Hopefully saving lives and homes. I make pipes in
my spare time; I only make a few sets a year so I have a little more time to
devote to reed making.           

I will make two kinds of reeds for either flat or concert chanters: (1) A
Basic reed, which is a complete but unshaved reed; you do all of the shaving.
This is the cheapest way to purchase reeds; shave them yourself; and (2) a Finished
, which is a reed that is shaved down until it crows, you then do the final fine
shaving to fit our needs. If you are good with tools I suggest buying the Basic reeds or
Reed parts. This will cut down on cost and effort considerably.

All reeds are guaranteed against faulty workmanship. If the reed arrives
warped or cracked, do not attempt to fix it ; If you return it within 5 days then
I will replace it.

If you crack or mutilate a reed trying to adjust, re-bind and shave it
yourself, I will not replace it.

About tubing staples: There are two kinds of staple, regular or expanded . The regular
is a straight staple that is shaped to a finished form . The expanded staple
is a tubing staple that is driven onto a mandrel that has the same specifications
of a rolled Rowsome style staple and is just as good.

                Custom fitting reeds and repair:

Repairs such as cracks, leaks, staunching, tying bags, keys and broken posts,
etc. are $65.00 per hour shop time plus parts and shipping. I will not do
any permanent alterations on pipes made by another living maker unless
instructed to do. Call me first.

If you mail me your chanter to have a reed custom fitted, I will charge $75.00, plus shipping, for the first reed whether I succeed or not. If I do not s ucceed I will call you and discuss what to do. If the chanter is good and the reed fits then I will charge regular prices for the rest of the reeds.

To be honest I have made as many as 10 reeds for some chanters and not
succeeded, so make sure that your chanter is a good one before having
a custom fitting. Please call me first.

I will not be responsible for pipes damaged during shipping. You will
be responsible for insurance.


                                    REED PRICES:

SHIPPING: Shipping for reeds is $5.00 (USA-Canada) for the first 8oz. Allow two
weeks for delivery.


                                  Finished Reeds:
(which is a reed that is shaved down until it crows)

Finished reed on a plain
or expanded tubing staple        $75.00

Finished reed on a rolled staple $80.00

Finished reed on your staple     $70.00


                                Basic Reeds:
(which is a complete but unshaved reed)

Basic reed on a plain
or expanded tubing staple      $55.00

Basic reed on a rolled staple   $60.00

Basic reed on your staple        $50.00


                            Reed Parts:

Set of pre-gouged and shaped reed heads
ready to tie on the staple
and finish to your needs.      $20.00 ea.
(3 or more)                         $15.00 ea.

Regular tubing staples          $4.00 ea
( Package of 10)                 $30.00

Expanded staples              $5.00 ea.
(Package of 10)                $40.00

Rolled staples                   $10.00 ea

NOTE: Prices are subject to change without notice.